Seahawks come up short against Warriors

The Seahawk U19 team travelled to North London for the first away game of the season against a London Warriors team who we have only beaten once before in the past at home. The Warriors were 1-1 on the season with a win over the Stallions and a defeat to the impressive London Blitz, the Seahawks were in for a tough game!

The very first kick off highlighted the task ahead of the Seahawks! The Juniors immediately put themselves on the back foot by conceding a TD on the kick off. The Warriors returner found a gap in the kickoff teams contain, exploded to the outside and dived into the end zone for a 6-0 lead before any Seahawk had touched the ball! The Warriors missed the 2 point conversion and the Seahawks offence took the field.

The offensive game started with a false start on the Seahawks, this was a sign of things to come! A total of 77 yards was lost in penalties during the game. A series of penalties lengthened a 3 and out, a muffed snap led to a scramble by Owen Newman coming up just short of a new set of downs.

Both teams traded 3 and outs, before the Warriors moved down the field and into our half of the field. A 36 yard pass from the Warriors QB was taken in by the receiver who turned and found no one behind him and a clear run into the end zone. The 2 point conversion was no good and the 1st quarter ended with the Warriors 12-0 ahead.

The second quarter started more positively for the Offence, a couple fo completed passes and a short run gained a new set of downs, unfortunately this couldn't be capitalised on and again Owen punted away - it was going to be a lot of kicking for him today! As usual the Seahawks Defence stayed tough, a forced fumble and recovery by Andrew Banda was to be the first of 6 turnovers on the day. This put the offence in great field position, however it would end with Owen coming on to punt. Despite the best efforts of Adam Deverill and Toby Naylor trying to keep the ball out the end zone, the Warriors got the ball back on their own 20 yard line. The teams again traded 3 and outs in the midfield with neither team making much ground. At 4th and 2 from the Warriors 30 yard line, Coach Marc and Coach Russ decided to go for it. It would prove to be a master stroke as some great blocking by the O line allowed Ollie Clemo to run in for the first Seahawks TD of the day. The ever reliable Owen Newman converted the extra point and the score was now 12-7 Warriors. That would have been a great score to take into the half after the slow start, however the Warriors had other ideas! Two scores and a 2XP on the next two offensive drives for the Warriors saw them take a 26-7 lead into half time.

A 'robust' team talk from Coach Marc at half time saw the Seahawks come out in the second half with something to prove. The offence moved the ball better and the defence stayed strong - they wouldn't concede anymore points this game. Quarterback Nathan Harvey found Marcus Paramor for a 32 yard receiving touchdown in the 3rd quarter. This was Marcus's first TD for the club and only Nathans second that he has thrown. With the score now 26-13 the coaches decided to go for 2 points, but the QB just missed the receiver in the end zone. Sam Gee added his second interception of the game, to go with one for Kieron Johnson in the first half, and the Seahawks Offence was agin on the field.

The Warriors Offence controlled the game with a fair amount of running to manage the clock. They even took a delay of game penalty to give the Seahawks less time to stage a comeback. On 4th down the Warriors QB scrambled and somehow managed to cross the line to gain a new set of downs, despite several Seahawks players trying to stop him. This was to prove decisive as it allowed the home team to run several more minutes off the clock. There was still enough time for the Louis Benzey led offence to move the ball down the field, with some receptions by Tom Phillips and Angus Gueterbock keeping the hopes alive of a comeback. After an 11 play drive, Louis ran the ball in and, as always, Owen converted to maintain his 100% XP record for the season. The score was now 26-20 Warriors. Unfortunately it was all too little too late for the Seahawks as the onside kick was fielded by the home side who knelt out the game for a frustrating defeat for the Seahawks, Lots of penalties and missed opprotunities to take back to the South Coast. For the second time this season Toby Naylor led the team with tackles, he now has more tackles than anyone else at the U19 level for the Seahawks. Three interceptions and three fumble recoveries on the day for the Seahawks just wasn't enough to get the W.

Next up is South East Legion in two weeks time in Kent.