2018 Graduates - Adam Potts


Adam joined the team way back in 2013, and originally played as a Wide Receiver in those early years. After the 2014 season and the clubs first visit to the playoffs, HC Marc White moved him to Running Back, partly as a replacement for the departing Sas Sarreshteh and partly because it would be easier to get him more touches of the ball every game. The move worked. Really worked.

In 2015, as part of the youth team offense that scored over 350 points, Potts found the end zone 35 times (24 on the ground, 11 through the air). Unfortunately, only basic stats were captured for the year, otherwise there would be rushing records in the book that may never get bettered - many of Potts touchdowns came from the full 45 yards that a youth field allows. Adam’s blazing speed once in full stride meant that he was rarely - if ever - caught from behind.

Educational and work commitments kept Adam away from football in 2016 and 2017 - we can only imagine what that 12-0 2016 youth team would have been like with Potts’ home-run capability coming out of the backfield. Adam returned to football part way through the 2018 season as he looks to join his university team for the upcoming BUCS season. Although he never reached the end zone in 2018, the 9-man game experience will no doubt prove valuable as Adam lines up for the Plymouth Blitz in the fall of 2018.